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"He Prefers Penile Masterbation To Sexual Intercourse!"

Husband Prefers Masterbation To Sexual Intercourse! - Posted by Patty:
My 37 year old husband prefers penile masterbate then to have sexual intercourse. We have only been married 18 months and i am having a hard time with this addiction, I recently found out that he had a homosexual relationship when he was 16 that lasted a year, is addicted to p*rn and god knows what else is about to come out.

We are currently in marriage counseling and the therpist feels that it is his lack of immaturity that he was not progressed from you boy and penile masterbation to being with a women, which i just found out i was the 1st women he was with, which means he was a virgin up until 35 yrs this normal i need some answers. isn't masterbation what you do when you don't have someone who will have sexual intercourse with you and should he prefer it over sexual intercourse?
Frustrated Woman!

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Masterbating to lovin' you guy Masterbating to lovin' you - Reply by: RichT
What a difficult situation for you to be in. My wife and I have been married for 40 years, and I still on occasion masturbate. That does NOT mean that I prefer it to lovin' my wife. That to me is what is so troubling about your husband that he prefers masturbating to lovin' you.

I am so VERY glad that the two of you are currently in marriage counseling. So many many times, that is what I have recommended for people in relationaship difficulties.

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Reply by: D Banner

Reply by: bob
if all hes done since his gay relationship is masterbate then he probably isnt getting the same amout of touch sense on his penis as your vagina gives. he needs to stop masterbating long enough to sensitize his penis to a lower level of touchsense, so that you give him the same feelings down there as his hand does.this,plus the personal bonding will make him love sex with you...IMHO.

Masturbating addiction woman Masturbating addiction - Posted by: Frustrated Woman
Hi: I am a 25 year old woman only married to my husband for two years. My husband also prefers xp*rn/masturbating to being with me. I've been confused for so long trying to figure out why. He's gained some weight over the past couple of years and he says he thinks its laziness and masturbating is just an compulsive addition not a substitution. Could this really be?

He admitted he knows that eventually I'll stop trying like he does, and he's right. We have sex maybe once a week (if that). for example one night we'll have sex and the next a.m. before he goes to work I know he'll bring his xp*rn mag and jerk off.
Help me understand this masturbating addiction.
Frustrated woman

High testosterone level man High testosterone level - Reply by: mic
Well you have to talk to him. get in his face and say to him, the next time you want to masturbate, bang me. That is if you want to have sexual intercourse that much. He must have a high testosterone level and is thinking about sex all the time. I think he has it backwards, its laziness and "Sexual Intercourse" is a addition not a substitution.

Because, he has been masturbating since puberty. Another thing is, maybe he is in a hurry and he doesn't want to go through the foreplay to get orgasm fast. But, he has to mature and take your considerations into play and respect your feelings.

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