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    Penis fungal infection disease Posted by Scared To Death
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    I am an uncircumcised male and it is REALLY bothering me! The head of my penis is PINK (maybe from irritation) which makes many people turn away when it comes to having sexual intercourse relations! Also, I have noticed some dark bruises on the genital head, no penile inflammation but am VERY concerned! I want to know what it could possibly be. Could the problem be a fungal infection, genital disease or virus? PLEASE HELP!!!

    Penis Fungus Infection, Disease, Virus SYmptoms Causes Follow Ups:

    I would recomend that you see your medical doctor as soon as possible. Give him a call tomorrow so your genitalia can be examined. You may have an Ringworm fungal infection, disease, or virus. Get STD testing at a location near you as soon as possible, no doctor's office visit needed.

    Fungal infection, disease or virus? Is there any place on the Internet I can go to learn more about it? I am so embarrasses to have to go into a doctor's office and tell the receptionist, then the doctor... It's so embarrassing. What mkes you think it may be a fungal infection, disease or virus? Please advise. Thanks.

    What would be more embarressing: Going to the medical doctor with your fungal infection, disease or virus problem, or suffering the consequences of the infection (if that's what it is). I had a problem with my external reproductive organ once, a blistering, peeling effect; I went to a pharmacist that I had attended high school with. He sold me an over-the-counter medicine that cleared it up. Go see the doctor.

    Re: PENIS PROBLEMS bob (0)
    theres nothing embaresting about a medical doctor examining your genitalia. it would be very embaresting to have people"look away".

    Posted by RichT
    I Have some white stuff under the skin but on my actuall penis. what could it be?

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    Reply by: MSH
    Seems like you have a fungal discharge. Wash your penis under the skin and see if it re-appears. If it does see a doctor. Click for Penis Fungal Infections Symptoms and Information

    Posted by raj muhammad
    my penis have fungul infection plzzzzzzz help me docter

    Reply by: bob
    Go to the pharmacy and try some mild over the counter anti-fungal cream. Not the kind for your feet. Or, checkout Fluconazole drug for fungal infections to see if it's for you.

    Posted by John smith:
    I appear to have little white bumps all over my penis and really want to know what they are. i have had them for about a year now and have not changed one bit. please help me. i really want to get rid of em as i am scared of showing n e 1 my penis

    Reply by: MSH
    These small white bumps are most often Fordyce glands, little sebaceous (grease producing) glands that produce lubrication for the tender skin of the penis, to keep the dots from drying out and cracking. They're NORMAL, don't cause any problem, and don't need any cure.

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  • I did get red rashes on my foreskin. It cause the balanitis, the inflammation on the right side underneath my gland I did see a doctor, he give to me fungal oitment cream. Right now, i do not fell any more erection because of this problem. Do you think i should circimcised my penis?
  • Fungus Ringworm Infection Under My Penis Foreskin. Men's Fungal ...
    Ringworm is a fungal skin infection caused by a fungus. Ringworm occurs when a particular type of fungus grows on your skin. The fungus infection thrives in ...
  • Is It Bacteria Fungus Infection, Virus Sexual Disease or Candida Fungal Causes?.
    I've had this dry cracking kinda red skin on my penis head for over a year now. It doesn't hurt, its not really noticable, and its not an sexual transmitted disease (std) or anything.. it just really bothers me
  • I did get red rashes on my foreskin. It caused balanitis
    the inflammation on the right side underneath my gland. I did see a doctor, he give to me fungal oitment cream. Do you think i should circimcised my penis?

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