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"Can guys get an STD transmitted by a female touching your penis?"

Transmitted STD Touching My Penis? guy Transmitted STD Touching My Penis? - Posted by B. Beach:
I flirt with alot of women. I flirt so much, I allow women and transexuals to touch my penis. (Showing off!) Now I am Straight, and never had interest in transexuals and prostitutes.

I had protected sex with women. I never had sex with transexuals or prostitutes. (And will never!!) I'm kind of afraid of catching the virus ailment or STDs. I am very aware about the responsibilities of catching the HIV/AIDS virus and Sexually Trasmitted Diseases STDs.

Information from other sites never give any information about people practicing safe sex. I was wondering would you get an STD or HIV/AIDS transmitted from a person whether its a woman, transexual or prostitute to touching your penis? Although the doctors and the clinics tell me that I'm fine,

I still fell the problems of being afraid of having sex with women (fearing that I might have an STD or HIV/AIDS and passing it to other women). I also fear catching STDs or HIV/AIDS from somebody. Is fearing the STI virus (even if you don't have the VD virus) considered stress related?

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Penis touching moments - Reply by: Bindii
HIV is transmitted through body fluids such as saliva, blood, vaginal fluids and male ejaculation semen fluid. You will not catch Aids through a women and transexuals just touching your penis (unless they have a cut or and are bleeding).
What confuses me is that you say you have no interest in Transexuals and Prostitutes yet you have engaged in 'penis touching moments' with them.

Risk for getting virus - Posted by ACOLeague:
Just to clarify, there is not enough of the virus (HIV) in saliva to cause transmission. There is enough in blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk.

Hi... I have some questions to ask.... If I had sex with a prostitute with condom 2 month ago and I have been check by my base medicial officer for HIV Test & it show Negative HIV.... Will I still be getting HIV?

  • If I having normal french kissing or french kissing with a small blister with a prostitute, will it cause HIV?
  • Does a protected oral on me with a prostitute, will it cause HIV?
  • Does a unprotected oral on me with a prostitute, will it cause HIV?
  • Most of all what is the different between STD, HIV & AIDS?

  • Hope to heard from you soon.... Thanks in advance....

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    > Latex

    > Spermicidal

    Risk of getting HIV STD - Posted by: Ana
    First off why are you attacking transsexuals? You were obviously not with a real transsexual to begin with. What you describe is virtually impossible. We take hormones and anti-androgens which render what you describe as physically impossible. Not only that but no transwoman would want anyone touching much less having sex with her original genitalia.!

    Hence if you had oral sex with anyone at all in the real world it was a transvestite not a transsexual. The risk of HIV is no different with a transsexual really. If anything it is far less likely since we are all monitored by physicians regularly, STD tested and are hence less likely to have any STD. SourceThe real world!Sharon

    Mouthwash treatment after oral sex man Mouthwash treatment after oral sex Posted by: Jesus
    It doesn't matter if it was a trans girl or if it was a guy. Risk of geting HIV is pretty much nil from what you describe, and it's rare even in successful oral sex (compared to other forms of sex) without a condom, but a condom is still highly recommended! the one thing to never do before giving oral sex: brush your teeth. Don't do it! you can break the skin on your gums, which will increase the risk of infection. mouthwash afterward is a good idea. There are some STDs that condoms do not protect against, or not very well. Herpes and HPV, in particular, but maybe some others. Mouthwash may cut down on the risk.

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