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"Do Men Have A Virginity They Break?"
Foreskin Banjo String Stretching Hurts

Skin stretching hurts problem Skin stretching hurts problem Posted by: Danny
Hey, this isn't a major problem or anything... Its more just a curious question.
Do men have a virginity they break?

Because there is a strand of skin attached to the head of the penis, that strains when the foreskin is pulled back over an erect penis. And it does hurt a little... From the stretching. But never breaks. Thanks for reading this, just a little concern.

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Banjo String guy Banjo String - Reply by: jim
On the underside of the glans (Penis head), the foreskin's point of attachment is advanced toward the meatus (urethral opening) and this strand of skin (Banjo String) forms a bandlike ligament called the frenulum. It is identical to the frenulum that secures the tongue to the floor of the mouth. The foreskin's frenulum holds it in place over the penis glans, and, in conjunction with the smooth muscle fibres, helps return the retracted foreskin to its usual forward position over the penis glans."

The frenulum is "particularly responsive to penis stimulation," and "very reactive," thus contributing to erogenous pleasure during sexual activity.

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Frenulum breve is the condition in which the frenulum of the penis is short and restricts the movement of the prepuce, and may or may not interfere with normal sexual activity

Hopefully this strand of skin never breaks. Use a mild lubricant topical non-steroid ointment cream on you penis in that area to keep the Freenulum soft. You may want to use a condem to protect the penis area during sexual activety. If you have a painful split or the Frenulum has cuts or breaks, it would be beneficial to consider a visit to a Urologist doctor for a comprehensive evaluation of available options.

Usually the penis painful split/cut foreskin Banjo String (Frenulum Tear) should heal within a week.

To answer your question no, men do not have a virginity they break.

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