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Blood In Cum Blood In Cum - Posted by msalter:
what does it means when you have blood come from your penis in seman sperm fluid! HELP, what's wrong? NEED A ANSWER ON THIS ISSUE. Can it be if a women is oral to hard?

Hematospermia Information, Reports, Advice, Answers Follow Ups:

See your medical doctor guy See your medical doctor Reply by: RichT
What's it means, I seriously doubt it has anything to do with someone giving you a BJ. Do see your doctor immediately about your problem. Call for an appointment tomorrow morning about this issue. Do not delay!!!

Reply by: TINA
MY HUSBAND HAD THE SAME Semon PROBLEM LAST NIGHT. We had sex and i was on my last day of my period not to sound gross but my husband woke up this morning like this? I also need help on this issue to ease my mind. I trust that my husband is not having a affair so what could be wrong?

Reply by: RichT
On the last day of your period you had intercourse. What it means, very likely some of the blood from your period got onto his penis. Question - Did he was his penis off after intercourse? Did he urinate after you had intercourse?

Posted by: michele
my husbands penis, after having sex, had blood coming out and it seems he had it in his sperm fluid. what is this and should he go to the medical doctors or emergancy? Is it bad for me to have blood in me? this has happen one other time before.

Hematospermia guy Hematospermia - Reply by : MSH
Blood coming out of the penis and in the ejaculation semen sperm fluid (called Hematospermia) is a sign of infections (including, but not limited to, chlamydia, herpes, cytomegalovirus, and trichomoniasis STDs), inflammation, or injury.

Areas affected include the bladder, urethra, the testicles, the tubes that distribute semen from the testicles (known as the seminal vesicles), the epididymis (a segment of the spermatic ducts that serves to store, mature and transport sperm), and the Prostate gland. It's impotortant you get lab blood testing. No doctors office is needed, a legal licensed to prescribe pharmacy can do it for you.

Posted by: spencer:
I have not done anything but masturbate once and blood came out and it scared me what is wrong?

Reply by: howard
It seems you may have injuried, caused infection and or trauma to your penis. It is very serious when blood comes out. Although rare, forceful masturbation or sex can cause Penis Fracture which is painful.

It's best to check with a Urologist on this matter. Click to locate a doctor (Urologist) near you in North America.

  • Guys sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Blood in the ejaculation semen, sores, red blisters, or ulcers, especially in the groin, scrotum or genital area, may be the first symptom of several STDs. If you have a red rash or growths in the groin, scrotum or genital area, do not have sexual contact or activity until you have been evaluated by your health professional. This will reduce the risk of spreading a possible infection to your partner. Your sex partner may also need to have evaluated and treated.
  • So, check with a urologist medical doctor for STD testing and proper treatment. Blood implication Posted by: ferdinard:
    pls i want to why blood will come out when a man is making love .pls what is the implication health wise .

    Injuried Reply by: Jimbo
    Looks like you could have injuried, caused infection to your penis or have a STD. It's very serious when blood comes out and should be address by a doctor for testing and treatment.

    Cum blood Posted by: anon
    I just gave my boyfriend a BJ and he stopped me before ejaculation but he cum on my hand didn't notice it was blood till I went to the bathroom, wondered where blood came from till I remembered he ejaculated on my hand, what could be the course of this?

    Medical doctor Posted by: Jimmy
    You should talk to your boyfriend, he may not know about the blood. He may have to see a medical doctor for treatment.

    Blood in the semen Posted by: manfred a. link:
    In 1960 I had blood in the semen after intercourse. Last night I had the same problem. I'm 81 years old and my wife and I had sex. This time it took a while longer for me to ejaculate perhaps due to my age. I'll see a neurologist next week for consultation. Advice please. Thanks,MANFRED A. LINK

    Urologist Reply by: jack
    Maybe you should see a Urologist instead. Your problem may be the same as the blood in the semen you had in 1960.

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    Brownish blood color Posted by: Anon
    So last weekend, I was having sex with my old man, who is 52 years old. I didn't want to scare him, but after we were through, he went out side to smoke a cig. When I finally stood up and went to pee, I could feel it coming out of me, I wiped and the color was kinda a brownish blood color. I stood up and noticed that his cum at the bottom of the toilet bowl was a dark-sh red. Well we had sex again today.

    Again it was bloody, But this time he seen it dripping out of me when i stood up off the bed and he was handing me the towel to wipe off. He asked me what I could find out on the internet, "That couldn't be good.." were his exact words to me....

    Bad sign Posted by:jesse - email: jesseleecook@yahoo.com
    well i just finished having sex and i noticed blood comming out with the sperm is that a bad sign of a std or something.

    Blood stain Posted by:ano
    My boyfriend wanted to have sex so I refused and used my hand it was late earlly morning I had my underwear on and he put it between my legs this morning I saw that my underwear had a blood stain and it seemed he also put it inside because the corner of my pad had blood. Too should I be worried

    Conditions report Reply by:kal
    Could be a bad sign. There is so many conditions that could cause your problems. Check out this medical report about bloody semen.

    desensitised penis - Reply by:Aryan email: 90u5tala@hotmail.com
    Worst case scenario is you may have desensitised your penis, and yes your sperm count right now will be low but will rise again after you begin to decrease your activities lol Otherwise masturbation is a great way to relieve sexual tension, or any kind of tension! As for the weightloss I don't see how masturbation can cause this unless you are an addict who does it more than 3 times a day (for reasons other than being horny baby).

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