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"What's the differant methods masterbating using vibrators?"

Masturbation Techniques - Posted by: Anthony
Important Topics: Can you name some good masturbation techniques that can be done w/items @ home?

Iz there a way 2 enlarge ur penis w/o pills or anything like that? what is the avg. size of a penis for a male around the ages of 14-18?

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  • Re: Important masturbation tips - hgj
    Masturbation is great - go fast or slow, whatever you feel like, remember you've got two hands, balls, anus, nipples, mouth, skin in general. Be Free!

    Average penis size is probably between 4 and 6 inches - but people develop at different times and speeds. Don't worry about it. Really.

    Differant ways for men to masturbate Adam
    Also try rubbing ya penis with your boxers, socks or even better use silk panties.

    Banana peel, (it's called sliding with the banana) after you eat the banana insert the penis in the peel, then wrap your hand around the peel with the penis inside and start sliding. This is also good to do before your girlfriend does oral on you, she'll love the taste.

    Vibrators - Yes! Men can use them, too! Stimulate your entire penis with a vibrator by sliding it along your shaft or use one to stimulate your anus while you stroke your penis.

    The best place is in the shower.

    Reply by: MSH
    Important jerking off Topics:
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  • It's best to cut you finger nails when you masterbate yourself.
  • Use natural oil-based lubricants, used only for bare penises, like K-Y jelly and Wet Classic.

    Other lubricants: Vaseline (petroleum jelly - not Vaseline Intensive Care hand lotion), Baby Oil Gel lubricant, Albolene (which can be found at the drug store in some parts of the U.S.), Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E in a plastic jar (don't use the tube form).

  • A guy should use a moderate grip only when you masturbate for self gratification . If you squeeze too hard you could cause injury, bruising and or rupturing of superficial blood vessels on and near the surface of your penis.
  • Posted by: anon
    I masterbate with a large bottle open on one end so my penis will easily go in it. I make a small hole on the other end so I can glue a hollow tube in it. Then I masterbate for a minute then I suck on the tube and in my mind it works as an penis pump and it works GREAT!!!!! I'm now looming for a new techqnuice all the girls that I've had in the past 10 tears they all just lay on their back and don't move. I'm just looking for a toy to satisfy me. Some kind of homemade device.

    > Vibrators

    > Wet Platinum Lube

    > Real Skin Vagina

    Reply by: gipper
    Have you tried a bananna peel? Use a cup of warm water under your testicles it feels great.

    Jelqing Enlargement Exercises, Techniques, Routines & How To Instructions
    The Jelq is the most common method of penis enlargement being touted today.

    Basically jelqing method consists of a "milking" motion down the penis that is supposed to gradually increase both length and circumference. Many sites suggest that enlargement is caused by breaking down and building up the tissues of the penis just like you exercise to make you biceps larger.

    But there are no tissues in the penis that respond this way. The specifics of how to Jelq vary widely from site to site. Some insist it won't work unless done with a full penile erection, while others warn that doing it with a full penis erection will cause penile damage.

    > Harder Erections!

    > Shoot Bigger Load

    > Last Longer

    Posted by: Seven
    Is it possible to enlarge your penis if you are not circumsized?

    Reply by: rob
    yes, there is a surgery procedure.

    Posted by: bgsbunny
    my size is 5 inches long but i want to grow it little bigger as 7 or 8 so lpz do suggest me how to make it bigger.

    Reply by: bob
    Pray baby pray! or use bigger penis pills

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