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"How Do I Perform Deepthroat Oral On My Man?"

Oral sex blow job question Posted by Angie:
I would like some tips, advice and lessons on how to perform or give to my man the perfect deepthroat oral sex (Fellatio) blow job or how to go down on him to give head. Is it better for him to be sitting or laying down position? Is there any foreplay advice I need?

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Oral Sex answers, tips, instructions and advice Reply by: Bindii(0)
For your question How do I perform or give my man the perfect deepthroat oral sex blow job (Head)?. Answer: First things first, make sure that you are both comfortable. I like my man to be sitting, whether on a chair or the edge of a bed; this way my hands can touch other parts of his body and I have freedom of movement if I need to change positions. I also like it when he is laying on his back with me between his legs.

Going Down Foreplay Advice: Start slowly, don't just go straight to his penis, build him up a bit first. Touch his body, I mean really touch his body. Don't take shortcuts by merely rubbing your hands on his stomach a few times. Take the time to explore. Talk to him, tell him what you like about his body, how he makes you sexually feel.

Giving Head Tips: When the time comes to take him in your mouth patience is the key, gently kissing the head of his penis, swirl your tongue softly on the penis head and taste him. Some men also like you to insert your tongue in the slit (softly though, and not all men like this; ask him). Look up at him sometimes, and believe me a bit of noise works wonders, let him know how much you enjoy giving him head. Slide your fingers down to cup and gently massage his balls.

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A lot of men also like their ass touched or the area between his ass and balls. (perenium, spelling may be wrong here) Continue to lick and gently suck the head. Lick his penis making it slippery and smooth, pay particular attention to the little v join where the head meets the shaft on the underside of his penis.

Open your mouth wider and take his head in your mouth, his penis should be quite wet with your slaliva now. Keeping your lips firm (and wet, always wet) slide your lips up and down his shaft while maintaining suction. Use the hand that is not otherwise preoccupied with his testicles to grip the bottom of his shaft and stroke him at the same time.

If you can't take him too deep then place your hand where your 'limit' is, this prevents accidental gagging. Ask him to tell you when he is going to orgasms and ejaculate seminal cum fluid (ask before you start!), when he starts to ejaculate cum fluid in your mouth relax your throat, this allows the cum to slide down easily.

Masturbate him to finish
Ladies, If you don't want to suck or swallow the seminal fluid then spit it into a tissue (not on his stomach! lol) or stop blowing him when he is about to come and masturbate him to finish instead. When he is finished he will appreciate a warm, damp towel for cleaning up.

Scrape shaft foreplay
I often treat my man to a full body massage before a blow job, this way he is relaxed and the anticipation of knowing what is going to happen has him rock hard before I start.

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Oh and don't be afraid to gently - and I mean GENTLY - scrape your teeth along his shaft in foreplay. A lot of men love it.

Men are different
Remember all men are different, and every one has their own things that turn them on when you give him head. he best way to give your boyfriend what he needs is to ask him what his preferences are. If you are too embarrassed or if he is to have this discussion out of the bedroom try it while you are making love..... "Mmmmm, do you like this, or this?"

If your man doesn't ejaculate seminal cum fluid when you give him head its not the end of the world, think of it as brilliant foreplay!
Most of all - have fun!

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Milking the prostate Reply by: Ask him!!!
He knows. Ask him!!! He would love to be asked. Eye Contact is always good when giving him head. Also, you might try to put finger in his anus and massage his prostate gland (G-spot) at the same time you are giving him oral sex. This is called milking the prostate for sexual stimulation.

Giving your man head Reply by: megan
hey, i liked the advice you wrote about, about giving your man man says that i'm good at what i do.. but i'd really like to be better that just know what i mean? i can't wait to try those tips on him... i'm hoping they work wonders!

He asked for a blow job girl He asked for a blow job Posted by: Reenie
I found out the hard way of how not to treat my man when he asked for a blow job. I told him he had to do the hoovering for a week if he wanted one, and one day when i asked him to give me oral he said he would if I cleaned the garage and his tools.

It made me feel cheap so, now i know how i must of made him feel. Never again, now when he asks I do it to make him happy and it has had great effects, sometimes he gives me oral with out me asking.

Sucking, bobbing and licking Reply by: Jolene
I love giving head, I enjoyed doing it before SRS and now it really gets me wet. Sucking, bobbing and,licking are a must as well as a slight nibble now and then. I knew as a guy what I liked and now as a girl I do it to the guys and it makes them really come

how to give head Posted by: Alice
i dont know how to give head either, and my boyfriend has been giving me a lot of 'not-so-suddle' hints. thanks to all you girls=D i think i got a good idea of how to do this.

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Fellatio Reply by: cigSymnmoni
Understand the spiritual meaning and importance of oral sex in a happy husband wife sexual relationship. Why people love and need oral? Is it true love or Oral sex : Giving good oral sex? How to give oral sex : him, technique for oral sex, techniques, first-time oral, sex : fellatio guide, advice - oral sex

Blow job lessons Posted by: sonias
I think that blow jobs are the most important thing when it comes to keeping a guy. seriously! ive just read Going Down: The Esssential Guide to Oral Sex (here\'s a link ) and i my husband fell in love with me like that again.

Give me oral sex Posted by: tanwa arogundade
i want my husband to give me oral sex.

Suck him up Posted by:Terry Glow
I give my man head and I suck him up to the fullest. what I can't understand is is why he can't cum in my mouth.

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