Need How To Experiences, Techniques & Tips: Stimulating A Girl's Genitalia
"Doing Fingering G-spot, Vaginas To Enhance Sexual Arousal & Orgasms"
Where Is The Female's Clitoris Located To Excite Your Woman?

For woman orgasms Fingering A Girl Question Posted by: Shawn
My girlfriend and I had "the talk" and on saturday we're going to have some alone time.

I've never fingered a girl's clitoris and vagina before and I was wondering if any one would like to help me out by telling me the "how to" & the "how do I" and arousal stimulation and don't tips of fingering of the female's vagina, G-spot and clitoris.

Also I would much appreciate it if you could give me how do I excite her advice on what I can do to this a VERY pleasant time to stimulate her vagina...

In other words, what have you done or what techniques has been done to you that gave you/your female partner the most sensual stimulating sexual pleasure and sensational orgasms.

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BIG O technique guy Give them the BIG O technique - Reply by: RichT(0)
Simply, keep your finger out of her vagina. Stimulate your girlfriend's clitoris.
It is her Clitoris that is the most sensitive to sexual stimulation and which for most women will give them the BIG O.
It is part of the girl's genitalia that you will get a little erection.

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Vagina sensation advice - Re: Stimulation Experience with fingering a female YOU FOOLS(0)
OK, Whats with everyone lack of education on subjects pertaining to sexually intercourse activity? Didn't mommy and daddy go overthis stuff??? first rich, not just the girl's clitoris (located on the outter portion of the vagina under a vaginal "hood" stimulated not too hard, nor to soft) but also past the pelvic bone on the upper vaginal "roof" is an area of the vagina dubbed "g-spot" characterized by a roughness and past the pubic bone.

This if stimulate right will give the most extream contractions of the vagina, along with the most deep orgasms, the clit also is the exquisite sensitive area of a woman that gives her the sensations she needs and craves to have multiple orgasms and nipples are sensative to enhance the sexual experience.

First position your finger (i use my middle finger) inside her Vagina to get your finger wet and try some Vigorelle clitoris orgasms cream. but as long as you start slowly and work your finger in and out, side to side, up and down and all around on the clit and not to hard then, you cant really go wrong, just experiment and see what works the vagina will give orgasm simply put.

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Clit, Tit and Vagina Spots Stimulation Tips: - Re: experience with fingering a women anonymous(0)
There are 3 spots on a girl the clit the tit and the vagina hit all three spots and you will have her screaming.

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Questions for guys - Posted by: Honey
Questions for guys? Why do you like to finger girls? Why is it the first place you touch a girl is between her legs (vagina/clitoris). When you touch a girl there, why does she move her body back and forth (sometimes slow and then real fast) with your finger still in her. What's going on? What if she loves the stimulation does that mean she is ready for sex? What if she can't slow down and she is going really fast? Should you have sex with her or what.

Need feel to touch ladies Help - Posted by: spencer
i need some serious help. i dont no how to do to finger ladies, its easy to say but how to do it. like go down the pants or what to do and how do i have to feel to touch?.. or when to stick ur fingers in to enhance stimulation? .. im lost man .

Cuddle, kissing and lick her information - Reply by: Damien "The Morbid" Nathaniel
Okay man, i know the situation your in. i just started with my girlfriend. and here is how to do it and is what i did. put on a movie (trust me). cuddle with her, and then start kissing her, really softly, and then break away, and watch another few min of the movie (gets her wet juices flowing), then kinda kiss her ear (they love that) when she turns around to kiss you, deeply kiss her, and keep it going for a few seconds. then break away and start kissing her neck, lick her neck a bit, OH! and blow on it after you lick, makes her more aware.

Nibbling is good as well. then kinda wander downward with your hand, leave everything alone, except for her butt. kinda squeze it when you bite her neck. okays...this is where your imagination comes into play. dont go right for her "spot" place your hand on her thigh, thumb running down the inside and the four others on the outside of the thigh, palm on the top.

Run it down her leg, to the meeting of her pubic bone and her tummy. then grab her belt (or belt loop if she doesn't have a belt on) kinda grind your hips to hers as you pull on the belt (loop) while your kissing her. If she starts to breath heavily during any of this. your doing good kid. try to listen for any moans as well. this is really good.

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> Viagra Cialis, where were we. after you've played with her belt for a few min, just kinda work your way inside. grab the underwear she's wearing by the side of it. and do that same as you were doing with the belt...pulling, shift, grinding with your hips.

Dont go for the clitoris stimulation just yet. i know you want to dude (i do as well) but holding out longer pays off;)

Now, just put your hand inside. ontop of her thong, underwear, whatever. but kinda move it around on top of her vagina first. and from the side of her underwear. reach in and move a finger around ontop for a sec, to drive her crazy. then pull your hand out of her pants. lol i know, i know, you should just go for it right? wrong, play wit her some more.

Okays, by this time she should just be ready to explode. so dont hold out to long or she'll be like, "god, come on already" so give her one last deep kiss, and then go for the clitoris stimulation.

When your down there, dont go in right away, just do a full circle of her spot at first, and then slip one finger in, if she likes it and she's going wild, give her another finger. Pump it in and out slowly, and move faster and faster as time goes on. play with clit!!! can't stress that enough. anywho, thats all i got for ya man, good luck. go get her! literaly

Where is the female clitoris located? - Posted by: caleb
Hey thanks for the help everyone that is great but how long should it take? where is a girl's clitoris located? could u send me a pic. thanks

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G-spot Questions Posted by: sha
hey guys i was just wondering when you finger a girl are they supposed to shave pubic hair around the girl's genitalia before you do it? Or what? e-mail me back at thanks!

Clitoris Picture Image: Click to see where is the clitoris of a women is located. It shows the clitoris is above the urethra...

Polls: Guys, Take This FREE Poll and view results! "Do you want your girl to shave pubic hair there?"

She craves passion and closeness - Posted by: Johnny Sting
i Think A woman craves passion and closeness when it comes to this subject. Hold her close, touch her, when get down there dont insert straight away, play with it, rub slowly, insert play on the roof area of the pubic bone slowy, it works the more gentle the more you take your time for stimulation the better for her.

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