Why Fellows Erection Function Goes Soft, limp, Flacid, Weak & Hanging?
"Getting penis fully erect without physical penile stimulation is a challenge"

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    Healthy erection Posted by: Sam:
    Hello. I am a 21 year old virgin who is just beginning a sexual relationship with a beautiful girl. We've encountered difficulties, and an important question has come to mind: What is a healthy erection?

    Most web sites just say that it is being hard enough to penetrate a vagina, but that is nowhere near specific enough. At its peak, how hard should it be? How much should it bend to pressures from different angles? Should it point upwards? Should it require no physical stimulation under otherwise ideal conditions to become this erect? How quickly should it return to being flacid, ,limp, weak and hanging once stimulation is broken? I've been very worried about how well my penis is functioning, and seeing answers to these questions would help a lad figure out my sexual performance inhibition and erectile dysfunction difficulties.

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    Balance wallet on erection trick Reply by:don
    When a fellows penis gets hard in front of you while in a standing postion and you can balance your wallet on you penis erection then "Your In The Money" and the penis will go in the vagina.:-) Of course, a most healthy erection is straight (not bending) and it points up to the ceiling. A guys erect penis is full of blood and should not be manually bent, it can damage the internal cells. No physical stimulation is needed under ideal visual conditions to make a penis erect. Return to being flacid after ejaculation can take less than a minute. If you just stop penis stimulation before ejaculation it may take a few minutes.

    What kind of difficulties have you been having with your sexual performance anxiety?

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    Fully erect to limp Posted by: Sam
    Thanks for the quick reply. Suffice to say, we are not achieving penetration. I'm not sure how many factors play a big role in this, but I'm sure that if I had a naturally rock-hard erection, everything would be fine.

    Here's are the main points: I can go from fully erect to limp but still large in about 10 seconds, sometimes less. Getting it fully erect without physical stimulation is a challenge, and I usually lose the erection without it. By gently turning my wrists when I grip my erect penis, I can get it to easily bend 20-30 degrees, especially if I turn it towards me. However, it will not bend to direct pressure from above (which I also apply very lightly, don't worry).

    Standing up, it points to somewhere between 2 and 3 o'clock. I have not tried the wallet trick, but it would be difficult because I would be halting stimulation and would go soft quickly. I can achieve orgasm just fine, and my semen seems healthy. However, I only have morning erections once in a blue moon, and they are never very strong or long lived. I would like to believe that my trouble is just psychological anxiety, but I worry about it being physical. What do you think? In addition, I would also like to ask what kind of reputation Dr. Lin and his service at actionlove.com have. Thank you!

    Low testosterone level Reply by: don
    It seems all your parts work ok. You can have orgasm with semen ejaculation fluid and you have morning penis erections. But, to what degree, that may be the question. If you are masturbating often it might be a good idea to lay off that for a week or two, to build up your testosterone production. You may have a low testosterone level. A urologist doctor can run a blood test on you for that.

    Can't comment on Dr. Lin and his service at actionlove.com, although he seems very informative.

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    Sensate focus technique Posted by: Sam
    thank you so much for replying. You have no idea how good it is to talk to someone about this. I'm actually in Japan right now on a foreign exchange, and it's pretty lonely to be so isolated with a problem like this. My girlfriend is Japanese, and part of the problem is that she is a virgin and has a very tight vagina. Sometimes, it's tough just to get a finger in there even when she is relaxed. This, I think, has been part of the problem. Fortunately, she's loosening up.

    So I tried the wallet trick, and it was a piece of cake, even when I loaded my wallet with change. As I expected, I lost the erection in about 10-15 seconds, but it held it up easily even with lots of change in it.

    When I'm with this girl, she can get me hard and make me orgasm with oral sex and hand jobs. When we start towards real sex, I lose it. It starts when I go to get the condom. Even when I have practiced by myself, the distraction of doing this always makes me soft and lose my erections. So I get it back and get the condom on, but I just can't get completely hard in it. I've tried getting used to condoms by putting them on and wearing them when I'm by myself, and I've had mixed results (I still don't think I get quite as hard in them). But I can't do this much, because Japanese condoms are too small and I need to import American ones, which limits my supply.

    This has been going on for a couple of months now, and it's becoming something that haunts me. Sometimes I'm relieved when we don't try to have sex. I'm really thinking this is psychological now, and I would like to try the sensate focus technique.

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    But I did find Dr. Lin's site a while ago and couldn't help but be intrigued by it. Even now, I really don't like that I lose erections so quickly, that morning erections are extremely rare, and as I forgot to mention, that the glans of my penis never gets hard. As these sound like a physical problems, I am really tempted to try and fix them, and Dr. Lin's stuff would seem to be the solution. However, some things bother me:

    Dr. Lin is not a trained medical doctor. His site is an unprofessional mess. He always prescribes one of his remedies for any example case anyone sends him. His responses to my emails have either been non-existent or extremely short and ridiculously incomplete - he still hasn't told me what I should try.

    Let me ask you one more thing, and I'll end this oversized message. If his products contain chemicals that correspond to human growth hormone, do you think I could do harm by taking them? Is it possible to form a tolerance and therefore a dependancy on such things?

    Dr. Lin's 5 word response: Our products are not addictive.

    That was his entire response to one of my polite and concerned emails. I don't trust that. What do you think?

    Lubricant Reply by: Don
    Since your girfriend is so tight, you can use a condom compatable lubricant for achieving easy vagina penetration.
    Here's a news article that might help:
    ALL lubed up Boulder,CO,USA, -
    Silicone-based lubricants are commonly recommended for intercourse because they do not easily dry out and they are condom latex-safe...

    Medical Doctor Program Advice
    Mind Over ED
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    You know I use to have that same problem, trying to reach for the condom real fast before I lose my erection. I have the same focusing problem and keep losing my erection before penetration or sortly thereafter... Although, once I started using Viagra it kept my erection hard for a long time. I had pleanty of time to put the condom on and time for extra forplay. Which my girlfriend really liked.

    Have you tried Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or sexual health products or something similiar? It might be a good idea to ask a Urologist doctor.

    It's best to get a second opinion if your not comfortable with what Dr. Lin is saying.

    Loose tight erections Posted by: Akhtar Malik:
    I am 26 year old and i got problem that whenever my penis erected then semen droplets starts to come out and soon penis loose its tight erection. kindly help me how to cope with this problem. Whenever i masturbate i ejeculate quickly.

    Loosing your focus Reply by: jim
    The semen droplets are precum and is normal. It cleans out your pee tract before the ejaculation semen fluid. If you loose your tight erection you are loosing your focus. At your age ejaculation quickly is normal, as you get older that won't be a problem. But, you can overcome that with the stop start method, the squeeze method and drugs.

    Sexual weaknesses Posted by: mr. x:
    i m a 18 yr old guy ...actually i hve been doin masturbation from past 3 yrs. coz of which m feeling sexual weaknesses like bent of my penis downwards which was not earlier,loosen in testes , loosen of foreskin of penis , sperm in urine etc etc..........plz help......... me wt shld i do whether my penis will b normal again...i m verry confused plzzzzz......... help...

    Medical doctor Reply by: howard
    Bent penis is a sign of peyronie's disease. With all the other problems you should see a Medical doctor as soon as possible.

    Don't use it Posted by: MS
    Penis is the God giving gift ,please don't use it untill you r married.

    Short and weak Posted by: ajay - email: ajayingle.804@rediffmail.com
    I am 38yrs old my penis to short and weak and fail down in few second, I want long my peni with hard rock and long period drive to my wife.

    Treatments Reply by: howard
    Ask you doctor about Viagra for weak, falls down, hard rock and long period drive. OTC penile enhacement products are good for longer penis.

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