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"What's The Average Climax Time For Men?"

Average Climax Time For Men Whats the average climax time satisfaction Posted by Ron:
whats the average time it takes for men to achieve ejaculate Semen fluid cum and climax Or orgasm satisfaction during sexual intercourse??
My girlfriend says i cum too fast.

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No Average Time For Men No average time Bindii(1)
Goodness me there is no average time, every man is different. Some guys will ejaculate semen fluid within a few seconds, others will literally take hours before they are able to ejaculate and climax.

Medical advice doc Compromise, communication, experimentation medical advice doc (0)
The average time for men is 3-6 minutes of actual sexual intercourse. some men can last much longer to ejaculate semen fluid especially, if they have been with a woman for a long period of time. Unfortunately, for the sensual woman, this can be disappointing during sex because it typically takes a woman 10-15 minutes (or more) to achieve an orgasm.

This puts the male and female couple in a position of compromise during the practice of sexual activities. (Yes! Good sex does require practical stimulation and experimentation on behalf of both partners.) The couple can engage in sexual foreplay that will enable the female to achieve orgasm faster, and the male can engage in concentration techniques during sex such as stop-and-go techniques during sex and his own genital masturbation sessions to practice lengthening the period of time before he ejaculates & climaxes.

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So, give her what she wants. Compromise, communication, experimentation, and practice are all important virtues when it comes to sexual pleasure that satisfies both the male and female partner.

Erectile difficulty - Reply by: Shawn Winsley
I am having erectile difficulty to ejaculate cum and the only thing that seems to assist in getting and remaining erect is p*rnographic images of animals. Is there something to assist in helping me and who could I contact to get some outreach as I sencerly find this disturbing and I don't know how it began.

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Find a sexual therapist - Reply by: lonny
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Lasting longer Posted by: GEDDY
I need help lasting long cause I think I might lose my girl cause of it.

Two condems Reply by: gary
Did you try using two condems to decrease the sensitivity and feeling to your penis?

You can try some desensitizing spray to the penis treatment cure to last longer. Or, new Soothes over-excitement herbal cream. Or, now a prescription medication pill your doctor can prescribe.

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