"Does Penis Size Gets Smaller If You Stop Masterbating?"

Weak erection problem Penis gets smaller problem - Posted by adam:
im young but plz dont sweat me this is serious to me im not telling my age "cough" 18 i went searching pages on the net for ANSWERS! help man i need help, okay, last week i got sick and then after that just okay like WHEN u put ur penis between your leg to keep it warm you know? like when ur sleeping or something does that effects penis size any? and like im having more trouble getting an penis erection lately but ive been masterbating more often is that part of my weak erection problem?
i have been using the bathroom very often and have had alot of penis shrinkage, gets smaller after being sick and not masturbating during that time if you know what i mean its embarrasing plz help me on these issues guys.. need ur help..

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Medications side effects issues girl Medications side effects issues - Reply by: Bindii(2)
Did you take any medication when you were ill? Some medications have side effects issues that may include some of what you have mentioned. Sleeping with your penis between your legs will not cause weak erections or shrinkage problems. You mentioned going to the bathroom a lot, I would certainly get your prostrate checked by your doctor as frequent urination is often the first sign of prostrate problems. If medications could'nt help, try something else.

Masturbation issues guy Masturbation issues - Reply by: MSH
Click For Masterbating, male genital self-gratification & penis massage information problems & issues! Medical authorities have been in agreement for some time the masturbation issue causes no physical problem, erectile dysfunction or mental harm if done properly. Nor is there any evidence that children who engage in self-stimulation are in any way harmed by it. Contrary to ancient myths and popular beliefs, it does not lead to unbridled lust, does not make you blind or deaf, give you the flu, drive you crazy, grow hair on your hand, make you stutter, penis will shrink when you stop masterbating, or kill you.

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Weak Erection - Posted by: Mike
Well, to get straight to the problem, the issue is My erection is a little weak....i donno y its like that.can u bruise tissue in u penis? if u can then i think thats wat it sixteen years old and need some kinda help with my erection problem...i be ready to have sex but my ol buddy dont get erect for there any way to make my penis more sensitive to cause a harder erection?HELP ME PLZ!!!!!!

Masterbation tips - Reply by: MSH
It might be a good idea to see a doctor about your problem because, you might have injuried your buddy. Or, try not to masturbate for a couple of weeks to see if that helps.

Here are some Masterbation tips:

  • It's best to cut you finger nails when you masterbate your buddy .
  • Use natural oil-based lubricants, used only for bare penises, like Wet Platum.
  • Good penile hygiene before and after masterbation is important to guard against infection and disease.
  • Use a natural herbal formula penile application solution, like VigRX Oil to experience a more sensitive penis and better erections. It is safe for oral sex or sexual intercourse.

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    Penis shink - Posted by: xeno
    does masterbating help the penis to grow/shrink, does masterbating to much e.g 2-3 tyms a day make u ave weak erections.

    Masterbating too much - Reply by: voight
    Your penis is not a muscle to grow or shrink, it is full of blood cells, when filled with blood makes your penis erect. Masterbating too much issue may effect the nerve endings in you penis skin to be less sensitive. Your penis needs to be sensitive for sensual pleasure during sexual intecourse.

    Erections not hard - Posted by: jeffery pozdol
    im 15 and i think i masterbated too much and my erections are not as hard as they use 2be and i want 2 know how i can get my weak erections back 2 normal without using pills plz help me

    Hard erections - Reply by: rob
    Slow down! Masterbate less. Give your testosterone hormone production time to catch up. You need that for hard erections.

    Erection is weak Posted by: akinsanya oluwole -
    I've similar problem too that whenever I wanna have sex I usually observe dat ma erection is weak and i'm usally releasing of sperm so soon as I insert ma dick. pls any solution 2 this aside 4rm using pills ?

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