How To Masterbate To Male Climax
Women Masturbation To Female Orgasms!

Masterbate to orgasms - Posted by anonymous:
I've tried to masterbate to orgasms before by rubing my dick, but it just never seems to work for a fulfilling climax. What is the best way i can achieve the beneficial results for ejaculation?

Best & Easiest Ways Self-Stimulation Advice To Cum Follow Ups:

Self-stimulations different ways guy Self-stimulations different ways - Posted by: bent dick
I have a bit of a bent dick i dont no what to do. I'm a guy that does self-stimulations all different ways to climax, the best way is to use lubricant and go backwards and forwards over the penis head slow then getting faster and faster til you get a hard erection.

It feels so good when you feel the orgasm and see the ejaculation fluid shoot out. when you cum rub it on you, trust me its the best. Also try rubbing ya dick with your boxers or something going backwards and forwards gaining pleasure and eventually cumming everywhere its the bloody life.

  • What's The Best, Easiest & Different ways For Guys To Masterbate Penis?" adam(0)
    For men, it's has been called spanking the monkey, pulling the rope, playing the skin flute, spanking the salami, the five knuckle shuffle, handjob and even a hand sandwich

  • whats the easest way for females to masterbate to orgasms Tori-
    For Women Only
    vigorelle orgasms
    First you need to sit down naked and look at your self in a mirror, not your face your sexual areas. Spread your genital lips apart and you will find a opening (vagina) no doubt then stick one finger in the vagina make sure your finger is wet spit,- water,- women cream lub dosn't matter, then you rub your clitoris while doing so at first it hurts a little but, what you really got to do for most enjoyable sexual pleasure is to forget the pain and just go for it. The clit will problaby get a little erection then, you know it won't be long brfore you have a pleasureable orgasm.

  • whats the easest way to masterbate Joe Cool
    Hey sweety, there is a hood just inside your slit. At the top of the slit (just inside) there is a bit of skin that is a little puffer than the rest of the hood, its right above where the hood seems to split to form the rest of the hood. (hope you know what I mean by hood) Thats called your clit. (slang for something that I cant spell lol) If you rub that you will feel what you are looking forand orgasm. Feel free to e-mail me if you want.Click to see women's genitalia image

    How Do You Masterbate To Male Climax, Female Orgasms Reply by:

    Harder Erections!

    Shoot Bigger Loads

    Last Longer

    Tried many methods Reply by: Andrea
    So far i've tried many methods other than using penetration. I find that rubbing my clitoris, not directly works very well. In the shower works well too; through either a faucet, shower head, or a jet (in a hot tub). If anyone needs advice or help feel free to email me.

    Re: whats the easest way to masterbate(1)
    Try doin it with some material.

    How to Masterbating Ways For Women sammi(1)
    Click to see this female genitalia picture
    Woman (females,girls) masterbate to achieve orgasms through the direct or indirect stimulation of the clitoris, which is located at the top of the vagina The clitoris is small and hidden under a kind of hood.

    It is much like the tip of a penis in that it is very sensitive and connected to a shaft, which cannot be seen on the outside. As the clitoris is stimulated, muscles contract and spasm and you eventually experience orgasm. Different women masturbate in different ways. Some women find one way that works and sticks with it. Others like to experiment with several different techniques. Try some of the following....

    > Vibrators

    > Wet Platinum Lube

    > Real Skin Vagina

    Posted by: Lacey
    Hey Peoplez.... I'm a 18 yr old chick and the other day I got really horny.. So I just started rubbing my clit really fast side to side...and it feels soooooo good. But after a while it starts to kinda I have to I masterbating right?

    Posted by: matt
    guys grab it and wake the shit out of it.

    Posted by: Missy
    Hey! What is the easiest way for a girl to masterbate? And what are some of the best household appliences that I could use?

    Reply by: kyle
    hey, you should use a cucumber or soemthign shapped like a penis to orgasm. a good way is to play with yourself and rub it around and while your doing that with one hand use your other to rub your boob email me back! bye the way im a male

    Reply by: veron
    we all use back massagers,like the kind u get at stores and use it right on the clit and press it helps to sit indian style. Or dildo vibrator works good.

    Masturbate man Masturbate - Posted by: Krishnagoud
    sir, i masturbate from last 7-8 years, now i am at 25 years old and married. i feel my penis is shrink, penis become narrow in the base, ejaculate before penis fully enlarge as well as skin is not sensitive. and low quantity of sperms are comes out .. please tell me something about us & give me proper suggestion about my problem and in which time/period/year i require to recover (via e-mail) thank you.

    womans pussy - Posted by john:
    what feels like a womans pussy,thanks.

    Real skin vagina - Reply by jim:
    How about a Real Skin Vagina

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