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    Kegel exercise Posted by Chaz:
    Would kegel exercises shoot and squirt stronger power and increase higher volume of the penis ejaculation semen fluid as opposed to the ejaculation semen fluid just oozing out the end of the penis? Are there other remedies?

    Higher Volume Further Tips, Medthods and Medical Advice Follow Ups:

    Kegel excercises procedure Reply by: Yogi
    Yes Kegel excercises can help. Like nay muscle excercise don't expect it to show any improvement overnight, it will take time.

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    Diet, fitness, exercise, workouts Reply by: shooting
    You need a good hard erection for stronger ejaculation. I use Viagra prescription drug and now my semen ejaculation fluid has higher volume and shoots out further. Eat healthy (no junk foods) take vitiams, HGH pills and workout. Try it and if that doesn't work see a doctor. You may have other underlying problems.

    But there are guys who grab male potency pills that are proven to be effective. As stated in the official website of Semenax natural herbal potency pills, the herbal ingredients produce larger cum volume and more intensified climax, thus achieving optimum sexual satisfaction. Regular fitness exercises are great to enhance mens sexual activities.

    When these kegel exercises are done, guys actually are strengthening their pubococcygeus (PC) muscle or the pelvic floor muscle and so that, more blood will flow to his lower pelvic region. After strengthening the PC muscle, the guy will increase his potential for better and powerful intimate love performance.

    Kegel procedure can be done whenever and wherever a man is comfortable with--in his office, before bed time, or during a phone call. But it is essential to locate his PC muscle first before proceeding.

    Prostate problem Reply by: Msh
    Maybe you have a prostate problem and should have prostate PSA lab testing sceening done.

    Fill me up Reply by helen
    I like my strong man to shoot a lot to fill me up.

    Legal licensed to prescribe impotence pharmacy

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  • If a prescription drug is not for you, try natural herbal aphrodisiacs alternatives!
    These natural formulations not only increase libido in men and women, they also enhance the sexual experience and improve performance, endurance and pleasure.
    Natural formulations to improve sexual performance abilities.

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