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Testicles Varicose Seal Surgery
"Want children, Sperm Count OK, Ejaculation Hurts!"

Full secimen infertility testicles analysis - Posted by Craig:
My wife and I have been trying to have children for 5 years, I know she is good to go, she has a daughter. My doctor said I had Varicocele symptoms and have been diagnosed with a Varicose seal (a large varicose vein on the testicles), and it was treated with surgery.

However, some times before the surgery, But now more then ever, my ejaculation semen fluid if you wanna call it that, comes out VERY liquidy, Like water, and is full of "large clear silicone looking lumps". There are times when ejaculation hurts like hell. THe DR's say my sperm count is back to normal after the surgery, And this is with a full secimen infertility analysis.

I need some answers, because after trying to figure out the problem, and the surgery, it's not right, I am getting tired of that little plastic cup!!!!

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Male Hydrocele Symptoms Causes man prostatitis condition Reply by: RichT (0)
Hello Craig,
It is wonderful that you and your wife would like to have children. You have been through a lot in trying to correct your problem. Such things can be very frustrating and not right. The good thing is your sperm count for infertility is back to normal after the surgery.

Varicocele Testicles Video
However the "VERY liquidy, Like water" ejaculate which "is full of large clear silicone lookiung lumps" does not seem right at all. And a big concern is that when you ejaculate, it sometimes hurts like hell. May be a prostatitis condition to the prostate gland. Frankly, if it were me I would seek the advice of another doctor, and preferably a urologist. Locate urologist doctor near you.

I know you are getting tired of that "little plastic cup", but I really do believe you need to see another doctor and get a second opinion. Something is not right. It makes me very concerned about whether the surgery was performed properly.

When you do seek the advice of a urologist, try to get recommmendations from friends on the BEST urologist in your area. Find out how long the urologist has been practicing medicine, his degrees, and has he treated men with your problem. Don't just blindly pick a urologist or any doctor out of the yellow pages or just go to the one that is closest to you.

Hold your wife close, give her a hug. Let her know how much you love her and appreciate her understanding and support. The two of you will need to support one another and through it your relationship will become even stronger. Please do let me know in a week or two how things are going as I am concerned.

Bacterial or virus infections pain man Bacterial or virus infections pain - Reply by: Ron
Bacterial or virus infections can cause pain during a guy's ejaculation. If you had this before the surgery then it's probably not related to it. I hope that is not why they did the Varicose Seal (which is a blockage which does not allow sperm or some sperm to pass through) surgery.

What is a hydrocele (Adolescent Varicocele)?

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A hydrocele is a build-up of liquid in a fold of mucous membrane situated a guy's scrotum (testes testicle sac).

A number of boys develop minor cases of Adolescent Varicocele during the first few months of their lives. Most of these disappear by themselves, but the more severe cases need to be removed through a simple operation.

In adults, hydrocele is managed by draining the fluid under local anaesthetic using a syringe (tapping). This gives an instant cure, but is usually temporary as the fluid re-fills again. For this reason a sclerosing agent is sometimes introduced following the tapping procedure, which causes the hydrocele to stick to itself and prevents re-filling.

Most diseases are not dangerous but malignant ones must be detected as quickly as possible to ensure effective treatment. Alternatively, the hydrocele, Adolescent Varicocele of the sctrotum can be removed surgically with a small operation. If a fellow is have any swelling or pain in your scrotum, you should make arrangements to see your general practitioner. Only a closer examination can determine the exact cause.

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