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Prostatitis Symptoms & Causes
"Groin Area Pain After Making Love!"

Prostatitis symptoms Prostatitis symptoms - Posted by kitty:
My husband is 61 and has arthritis in the spine. He has pain in the groin area for days after making love.
He also has trouble getting and keeping a penis erection.
Not a canidate for viagra pills.
The doctor says pain may be caused from Prostatitis symptoms? We need help with these problems.

Prostatodynia and Other Condition Information Advice - Follow Ups:

Prostatodynia and urethritis conditions man Prostatodynia and urethritis conditions causes - Reply by: MSH
Guys Prostatitis Symptoms and causes, when present, can include fever, chills, urinary frequency, frequent urination at night, difficulty in urinating, burning or painful urination, perineal and low-back pain, joint or muscle pain, tender or swollen prostate, blood in the urine, or painful ejaculation.

Other conditions may mimic the symptoms of prostatitis - urethritis (an inflammation of the urethra), and prostatodynia (painful prostate). Patients with prostatodynia have pain in the pelvis or in the perineum.

Arthritis pain - Reply: RichT
That arthritis is a pain, as I well know. I hope your husband is taking medication for it. If not, I highly recommend that he speed to his doctor for his/her recommendation. For myself, the best one for me is Voltarin. It has helped my back and also the arthritis in my hand. I also take Tylenol. That pain your husband has in the groin area after sexual intercourse is very concerning. I would follow up on the prostatitis symptoms though.

Prostatitis Surgery Review
Regarding "trouble getting and keeping and erection.", and "Not a condidate for Viagra" - Could you please tell me why your husband is not a candidate for Viagra.

Next time your husband and you would like to enjoy some lovin', may I make a few suggestions.

Because of your husband's back pain and prostatitis symptoms, it is important for him to remain on his back as much as possible. Of course not all the time, just a good portion of the time. After some initial "warm up" foreplay, have your husband lay down on his back. Then you can straddle him with your knees on the bed and facing your husband. In this way he can easily touch your breasts, and you can bend down to kiss your husband as well as to let him suck on your breasts if he would like.

He may find that this position is also arousing to him and will help him to get and maintain an erection. If you like to have him stimulate your clitoris, he can do so in this position with his fingers. Also, if you scoot up to his face, he will be able to orally stimulate your clitoris if you so wish and bring you to have an orgasm in this manner. While on top of your husband, you should also be able to use one hand to stimulate his penis. And/or you can just slowly lower your bottom on to his penis. Maybe even move it around a little which should help to arouse him. (It drives me crazy when my wife does this to me.)

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After you have had an orgasm, then scoot back a little and with one hand hold his penis and carefully move it so that it penitrates your vagina. Now you can move back and forth to stimulate him and also yourself. Back and forth is better than up and down. Up and down just increases the possibility tht his penis will not stay inside of your vagina. Take care, and please do ask any other question you may have. Oh yes, almost forgot, I'm 66 guy, so now you know we can relate.

Groin pain after ejaculation information - Reply by: kitty
His heart doctor told him no to Cialis pills. And yes it was the urologist that ran tests and found nothing wrong and said it was the arthritis that was causing the pain in the groin after he ejaculates sperm fluid. It sounded strange to me too but he did run several tests. Maybe another uroligist is in order for the prostatitis symptoms. Thanks for your suggestion for Voltarin.

Medications side effects - Reply by: RichT
Hello Kitty, Thank you for the added information concerning your husband. I can tell you are a very concerned and understanding wife. Wonderful!

Yes, just for peace of mind, it may be a good idea to get a second opinion for the prostatitis symptoms. Is your husband taking any medications for his heart that may be contributing to his erectile dusfunction problems? Some medications can have that nasty drug side effect.

If he is taking medications, it may be a good idea to speak to the doctor and find out if his penis erectile problems can be a drugs side effect. Also, there is a lot of information on the internet regarding medications.

I am no doctor, and never studied medicine, however in reading your post again, the pain your husband experiences in his groin after he ejaculates sperm fluid still seems very concerning and puzzling. Here is just a thought. Perhaps your husband should make an appointment to see the new urologist and then an hour or two before the appointment for your husband to ejaculate so that he has the groin pain when he visits the urologist for the prostatitis symptoms. Just a thought. Click for a local USA medical doctor near you.

Kitty, do keep in touch, I'm both concerned and curious what your husband's groin pain problems may be caused by. In the meantime I'll check around on the internet for his prostatitis problems.

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Ejaculation groin pain - Reply by: RichT
Hello Kitty, Well I checked the internet a bit and found some prostatitis information. You may also wish to check. Go to the "Google" search engine and type in "ejaculation groin pain". There are a number of web sites with information on this.
Continue to Ejaculation groin pain symptoms causes WE NEED HELP ....

Dull ache in lower abdomen - Reply by:Heather A.
What could this dull ache in his lower abdomen be? Prostatitis Symptoms?

My husband has been away for 6 weeks, after we had sex, he complained of a dull ache in his lower abdomen after ejaculation. It has happened 3 times. (We had a lot of welcome home sex) Is this something he should see a Dr?)

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