"Male Paraplegic Erectile Dysfunction"
Sexual Disability For Intimate Love Problem

Erectile dysfunction guy Penile erectile dysfunction - Posted by Lee:
I am a paraplegic with a sexual disability (penile erectile dysfunction) for intimate love.......I am unable to achieve an penis hard on. Anyone have any treatments suggestions for my ED symptoms?

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Erectile dysfunction treatments options guy Erectile dysfunction treatments options - Reply By: stan
Well, If your doctor says your physically able, try Viagra, Cialis or Levitra oral prescription drug.
OR these other erectile dysfunction treatments options:
1) Penile Injection Therapy. Uses a hypodermic needle to inject medication (mixture of papaverine, phentolamine and prostoglandin) into the side of the penis for erectile dysfunction.

2) Urethral Inserts. Consists of a disposable applicator, small enough to fit into the urethra. The applicator is inserted into the urethra approximately one inch and the medication (prostaglandin E-1) is released. As a result, an erection occurs lasting 30-60 minutes.

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3) Vacuum Pump Therapy. Works by placing a cylinder with an attached pump over the penis. The pump creates a vacuum in the cylinder, which pulls blood into the penis tocreate an erection. The cylinder is then removed while simultaneously a constriction band is placed at the base of the penis.

4) Hormonal Replacement Therapy. Is used to treat the small percentage of individuals who have abnormally low levels of testosterone.

5) Vascular Surgery. May involve both the arterial and venous systems.

6) Penile Prosthetic Implants. Requires surgical insertion of a prosthetic device. Three forms of penile prosthesis are currently available flexible, malleable and inflatable.

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Nothing seems to excite me - Posted by:"Jake"
I am a paraplegic man that still has sexual sensations and can climax but I don't even get a chance to get off anymore.

Nothing seems to excite me anymore is this a normal process I'm only 60 years old. Please let me know as soon as possible I am concerned. just leave me a message.Thanks

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Losing Libido sexual desire - Reply by: guy
You are losing your Libido (sexual desire) and many factors can be the cause besides aging.

1) You might have your testosterone level checked. It is the principal male sex hormone In males, it plays key roles in health and well-being, including enhanced libido (Sexual desire), energy, immune function. As men age the levels decrease.
2) Certain types of medicines side effects cause lost of sexual desire.
3) Reduction in libido can occur from psychological causes such as loss of intimacy, stress, distraction or depression. It may also derive from the presence of environmental stressors such as prolonged exposure to elevated sound levels or bright light.
4) Obesity can also reduce a person's libido.

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