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How To Do Finger Massage To Cum & Orgasms!
"Milking Men's Prostate Gland For Sexual Stimulation!"

Milking men's prostate Milking men's prostate - Posted by edward:
Is it possible to milk men's prostate gland for sexual stimulation to cum? I need how to do milking to climax information, and is it pleasureable?

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Climax Information, Techniques Tips, Medical Advice Follow Ups:

 milking "massageman How to do it: milking "massage" Reply by: Blue Guy
Yes, try putting a well lubed finger up there and massage the area right behind his penis member. Works great especially to cum and climax him during oral sex!

Prior to the milking "massage" you can rhythmicaly move him as you want to by moving your hand with your finger up there. It gives you another reason to feel in control of the situation for orgasms.

Pleasureable Reply by: DON SCHULTZ(0) It is most pleasureable. it drives one wild.

  • Re: Massaging the prostate......... edward (2)
    Yes, it's a process called masturbation. It produces a milky like fluid (semen/cum) that comes from the testicles and prostate gland. You can perform it on your boyfriend or he can do it himself to cum. And, yes it is pleasureable.

  • Rely: Milking the prostate gland......... Lisa
    :) Ha Ha! I meant through the anus. But I did laugh when I read what you wrote. :) Lisa

    How to me Reply by: paul asnt
    how does she do it too me , and is it pleasureable for the male?

    She did it to me tips Reply by: PR
    Here's how she did it to me: I was on my hands and knees, I felt the rim of my anal get massaged with lube and the tip of her finger went right inside of me, teasingly, in and out until she went all the way in, swirling motions while stretching me completely and finger number two slide right in, her method was methodical and precise.

    I was moaning and my penis started to stiffen, the area she was massaging had my penis jerking and my balls begin to tighten. I felt her motions get lighter and my toes started to curl, I knew I was near and it was very unexplainable, I knew I was going to cum but the sensation wasn't like any I had ever felt.

    Her right hand working my anal and now she knew, I was close, here went her left hand to my cock, a few light strokes, the pre cum hit the leather and a few my strokes, I felt the ejaculation.
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    Tug downward, dripping out load technique Posted by: MSH
    I felt her fingers in me get even lighter as my load begin dripping out with each stroke. I felt so much cum with each tug downward, I looked under me and there was a massive amount of cum below me. She pulled slowly out of me as I collapsed.

    Prostate Massage Information- One source of sexual pleasure in men relating to orgasms (climax) and ejaculations (cum).

    The prostate is a gland ( Picture of prostate gland) that is part of men's genital sex organs. Men's prostate gland's main function is to secrete and store a clear, slightly acidic fluid that is part of semen (cum). A healthy prostate is approximately the size of a walnut. It surrounds the urethra just below the urinary bladder. It is located in front of the rectum and part of it can be felt during a rectal exam.

    Men's Prostate milking massage involves massaging the prostate through the anus (The anus, in anatomy, is the external opening of the rectum) by hand, or with a vibrator. The prostate can also be indirectly massaged externally through the perineum (In anatomy, the perineum is the region between the genital area and the anus in both sexes).

    Prostate Milking Medical Advice refers to the medical practice of relieving the buildup of reproductive semen fluid (cum) by regular prostate massage, thus preventing the need for ejaculation (cum) at other times. Can be used both for pleasure and as a preventative medical health measure in cases of chronic prostatisis or BPH.

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  • How do I milk & massage boyfriends male prostate gland to cum? mary
    It is most pleasureable. it drives one wild.

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  • Is It Possible To Milk The Prostate Gland For Sexual Stimulation In Men?
    I need how to do it milking information, and is it pleasureable?
    Impotence problems guy

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