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"Is It Possible To Milk The Prostate Gland For Sexual Stimulation Pleasure?"

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    Milking Male Prostate Gland Question Posted By: edward
    Is it possible to milk the male prostate gland for sexual stimulation and orgasms in men? I need how to do it milking information, and is it pleasureable?

    Reply by Lisa:
    Yes, it's a process called massaging the prostate. It produces a milky like fluid (semen/cum) that comes from the male testicles and prostate gland. You can perform it on your boyfriend or he can do it himself. And, yes it is pleasureable in men.

    Vibrator, Stimulator, Finger Procedures, Tips, Methods and Advice Follow Ups:

    Pleasureable Reply by: paul asnt(0)
    how does she do the prostate massage too me , and is it pleasureable for the male?

    Pleasure procedure, tips and methods Reply by: MSH
    Prostate milking massage- One source of sexual pleasure in men relating to orgasms (climax) and ejaculations (cum).

    The prostate is a gland that is part of a male's genital sex organs in men. Its main function is to secrete and store a clear, slightly acidic fluid that is part of semen (cum). A healthy prostate is approximately the size of a walnut. It surrounds the urethra just below the urinary bladder. It is located in front of the rectum and part of it can be felt during a rectal exam.

    Prostate milking the G-Spot involves massaging the prostate through the anus (The anus, in anatomy, is the external opening of the rectum) by finger, stimulator or with a vibrator. The prostate can also be indirectly massaged externally through the perineum (In anatomy, the perineum is the region between the genital area and the anus in both sexes).

    Men's Prostate Milking refers to the sexual practice of relieving the buildup of reproductive semen fluid (cum) by regular prostate massage, thus preventing the need for ejaculation (cum) or orgasms at other times.

    Vibrator help Posted by:Mac
    I want to help increase blood flow in my genital area to prevent erection problems. Will massaging the prostate help? I have tried this with my finger but it is hard to reach. Is there a device that is will help? I thought about a vibrator that is bent towards the end. Will a vibrator increase the possibilities of inflamming the prostate or would something manul be safer, I also wonder if this will cause hemroids.

    G-Spot Reply by: stimulator
    Did you know a G-Spot Prostate massaging stimulator is a device that holds lubricant for better movement so you can concentrate on the sensations and soon enjoying the benefits of a good milking.

    Medical doctor reasons Reply by: hank
    Massaging the prostate will not help erection problems. It has nothing to do with the blood flow to genital area. It's not really safe to put anything inside your body through the anus. You increase the risk of infection and injury. Only a doctor should do Prostate milking for relieving the buildup of reproductive semen fluid (cum). He does it for a medical reason.Of course, as you can see on this page people do it for sexual pleasure.

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    How frequent Posted by:R.J. ALEXANDER
    Milking of the prostate is something I practise but what I need to know is how frequent should this be done.

    How do you milk Reply by: wayne
    I wouldn't do it more than once a week. How did you milk your prostate, how many times do you do it and what was the results? Do you have tips you can share with us?

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  • Guys Self Stimulation Finger Massaging Methods, Techniques And Tips For Ejaculation
    My Doctor has been performing a G-spot prostate massaging on me for about 6 months, once every 2 weeks to relieve some pressure and to aid in my ejaculation
  • How to Prostate Gland Milking Finger Stimulation and Massage
    Is it possible to milk men's prostate gland for sexual stimulation? I need how to do it milking information, and is it pleasureable?

  • Male G Spot Prostate Gland Massaging, Orgasms Stimulation For Mens ...
    Read about Male G spot (prostate gland) massaging and stimulation experiences. ... I wish my husband would let me massage his G-spot. ...

    If a prescription drug is not for you, try natural libido and sexual performance improvement herbal alternatives!

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