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    Experiencing Testicles Pain, Sore Scrotum & Aching Testes Symptoms!
    "Could It Be Blue Balls (gonads) Pain or Varicocele Varicose Vein?"
    Male Medical Health Video, Testicular Swelling Hurts, Guys Enlargements

    Varicocele Testicles Awareness
    Wife of pain in testicles man Posted by lili:
    In our early 20's my husband and I would make love 3-4 times a day. Approximately 3 yrs ago, I discovered my husband was keeping a secret. He was experiencing severe testicles (male gonads or blue balls symptoms) pain in his scrotum. When an testes aching pain episode would occur, these spider like swelling varicocele varicose viens would appear and testicles in his scrotum would pull extremely close to his body. The testes pain in his genitalia reproductive organs would subside eventually.

    I finally talked him into seeing a urologist about his testicular problem. He freaked out during the visit! The prostate exam involved a rectal exam...he wasn't having it! He walked out of the doctor's office and never returned.

    Needless to say, our sex life suffered. It dwindled to making love once a month!!! As a woman, I am an extrememly sexual person and love to have orgasms for that pinnacle of sexual pleasure.

    He never communicated the testicles pain problem to me. So I asked a hundred different reasons WHY we were not having sexual intercourse flew into my mind. I hope it is not testicles cancer of the testicles. Is there some testes self exam ortesticular testing he can do to find out more about the testicles pain problem?
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    Blue Balls aching pain Reply by: Jim
    When a man becomes sexually aroused, blood flows into his genitals including the testicles (or balls) and his penis becomes erected (hard). When he climaxes and if he ejaculates with seminal fluid, the blood flows out of his genitalia more quickly than if he does not ejaculate. The testicles aching pain men feel when they have been sexually aroused but have not ejaculated is sometimes called "blue balls" because of the presents of blood still in the testicles. Although blue balls can feel painfull, the testicles aching pain goes away after awhile when the excess blood has drained out of the genitalia.

    If a man is extremely uncomfortable, he can masturbate (or ask his partner to masturbate him) to orgasm. However, there is no danger and no pain if he does not reach orgasm.

    It could be serious. In any case, it's important that he should see a Urlogist doctor for a exam. Locate a doctor near you in the USA

    Painful to touch testicles Posted by: Kerry
    I get mild to severe pain at testicles area, generally whenever i don't have sexual activity for long time or i am arouse for longer period of time. Sometime it is very painful to touch testicles. Please help.....Thanks

    Blue Balls Reply by: dan
    You probably have Blue Balls testicular pain.The main cause of aching blue balls is prolonged sexual arousal of the erect penis, either by direct or indirect contact, that does not result in orgasm and ejaculation.The easiest way to relieve the aching symptoms of blue balls is through an orgasm. The resultant ejaculation jump-starts the sympathetic nervous system, which increases blood flow through the groin area, dissipating the fluid buildup. Even without orgasm, the symptoms of blue balls usually subside within an hour of onset, but they can also last much longer, up to 3 hours

    Testicular self-exam instructions Posted by: Testes
    Here's how to perform a Testicular self-exam after a warm bath or shower:
    * Stand in front of a mirror and use both hands to feel each testicle.
    * Roll each testicle between thumb and fingers, this should not cause any pain.
    Detailed instructions and advice are available at:

    Localized in the testicle Posted by: B
    I have a similar pain, I had a particularly enjoyable period several nights ago, which did not result in climax for many hours. Since then I have had a pain in my left testicle that comes and goes for no apparent reason. There is no enlargement or swelling and to touch it is not sore, although the pain feels localized in the testicle. This is slightly worrying as any pain down there is a cause for concern..Does anyone know what might be wrong?

    One is bigger problem Posted by: john
    hi, well i have a problem with my testicles i wanted to know if you knew what it was well its kind of weird one is bigger than the other and the bigger 1 is real sensetive to the touch its almost like when you touch it if feels like you about to get hit there you know i dont know wahat it is??

    Varicose veins left testicle Posted by: samk
    My semen analysis count was low, I have varicose veins left testicle, Doc said surgery. Should I go 4 that or any alternate?

    Right Testicles Lump Size,Could It Be Testicular Hydrocele, Scrotum Adolescent Varicocele Varicose vein or Testes Cancer?
    From an early age I noticed a lump on my right testicles, the scrotum lump has been there from as early as I can remember, which is about 11 years old.Over the last 4/5 years the scrotum varicose vein lump hasn't caused me much pain although sometimes a little discomfort (mainly when I'm thinking about it) and I don't think it has ever grew in size.

    Lump On Testicles, and Pain, Is It Male Testicular Cancer?
    I noticed a lump on my one testicles months ago a little pain but I can't always feel it. Also it is not stationary to my testicle, it does move around when I feel it so I was wondering if that had any bearing on this issue?

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    Posted by: Aarone Ford
    Small testicles
    My testicles are small and when I get excited they completely disappear into my body.

    Posted by Gary L:
    Left Testicles Size Varicocele Varicose Vein Symptoms
    My scrotum is retaining fluid, have testes pain and becoming engorged size.

    Posted by Tango:
    Testes Pain, Testicles Tubules Detached, Cancer or Hernia Symptoms?
    Since past few months I am feeling a slight pain (which sometimes aggrevates) in my LEFT TESTES. The testicles tubules attached to the testes seem somewhat detached and size of left testes(which pains) is smaller that the Right testes

    Posted by: Worried
    My boyfriend and I are both virgins, we have been together for 4 years. He recently complained about having swollen testicles and an erection for a week. He expressed that the pain was really really unbearable and we fear that this might result in some permanent damage. PLEASE HELP US

    Reply by: MSH
    Use ice to bring down the swelling. Check out above post "Reply by: RTB". He may have "Blue Balls".

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