Male Painful Penis Bleeding From Forceful Hard Masterbating!
Too Much Over Masturbation Bloody Healing Injury Causes

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    Injured penis - Posted by michael:
    Please can someone help. i have injured my penis 18 monts ago from too much forceful hard masterbation. a remember a spec of blood coming out the end of my penis after that injury which has never returned. although now i have a penis that trys to heal but when it does i start to masturbate again only to find the pain return. even only after a min of masterbating the pain returns. i cant touch it but at the same time im extremely tempted to and its a vicous cycle of let it heal and redamage it when i over masturbate. i tried to give it one month and still that was not long enough to heal it. what do i have to do to get this penis to heal permantly. please anyone?

    Pass heavy blood - Posted by:farag - email: m_dintist90@yahoo,com
    iam 62 old i did hard masterbation in the bathroom when i pass heavy blood when urin come out. also i feel pain and heartburn in my penus. how will this injury heal.

    Male Too Much Hard Masterbation Follow Ups:

    Reply by bob:
    A bleeding penis is a sign of abrasive tissue damage injury inside your urethra or somewhere else along your genital or urinary tract, and could signify some underlying problem aside from just an abrasion or a cut from hard over masturbation. Could be a blood vessel, a vein, or a capillary damage inside the penis head that caused the blood. A medical doctor will be able to run some tests and determine if that is the case.

    Always use a lubricant for bare penises. So, always best to seek medical attention early before it becomes worse.

    Reply by: jim
    You wait and pray that it brings the injured area on your penis down. If it does you may be alright if you don't have any pain. It's best to see a doctor though. It may be a sign of infection.

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    Posted by Anon:
    I get this pain sometimes. I have uncircumcised penis. It occurs when I pull my foreskin all the way back during masturbation. It is like a ring below the head of my penis. It stays for about a day, then 24 hours later there is no trace. It is very painful to touch, but it does go down. Not sure why it forms, there isn't much written about it.

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    A Swollen penis is a sign of inflammation. Maybe a injury to the penis from over masturbation, which you can put a ice bag on the swollen area for a few hours ....
  • Painful Skin Ring Below Penis Head Swollen!
    I just got done maturbating and when I was done and got out of the shower I noticed that the skin right below the head of my penis (the part that bunches up (Im circumcised) anyways that part really painful swollen like a really noticable ring around my penis..
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  • Aggressive Handjob Pain, Swollen Trauma Injury Symptoms. - Grah
    My girlfriend was giving me a handjob, and then I felt a sudden sharp pain and swollen at penis base.
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    I used to masturbate a lot and i think due to that my nerve system of penis it has gone weak. Videos
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    To anyone masterbating penis without lube or with lube but thats too noisy try this. i've never heard of anyone but myself doing it this way.its a real natural feeling...
  • After Masturbation, my penis is sore and the head swells up - eric(1)
    When I tried to get an erection a few days later it grew strangely, started at the base and then pushed up to the head.I have no problems getting an erection or ejaculating, but sometimes it feels like too much blood is being forced into the head.
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