doctor Two types of prosthesis, Malleable Rods and Inflatable.
Patients considering penile implant surgery can expect that the main outcome of surgery will be to provide hardness of the penis so that he can penetrate his partner for intercourse. Malleable and inflatable implants share many risks and benefits. A malleable penile prosthesis is always the same length. Inflatable penile prosthesis uses fluid to achieve hardness..

"Penis Prosthesis Surgery & Male Pain Problems Causes!"

Posted by: Jedmonstone
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Is hard penile implant prosthesis operation working?

inflatable pump surgery is working guy Yes, penile implant prosthesis inflatable pump surgery is working. I'm horny most of the time, especially while nude; and I stay nude as much as possible. It takes me much longer to shower and shave. I pump up the inflatable penile implated prothesis when I go to the steam or sauna. I'm proud of it. I wear it pumped up at night.

Erosion of the prosthesis rods through the head of ones penis is one of the problems that requires immediate medical attention. Therefore, one needs to deflate your penile implant while wearing confining clothing.

You don't want to put continuous downward pressure on the head of your penis, over the ends of the rods. Pushing the whole penis downward is not much of a problem. Pushing it upward and bending it down over the pubic bone is not comfortable at all. The illustrations that I've seen with the penis standing tall do not fit my situation at all.

Would I do it again? Most definitely. Three other guys have told me that they and their spouses/partners love thier penis inflatable pump implant. I agree with them. Women love it. I don't have a partner, but masturbation is addictive with the penile implant. I'm fondling it now through my gym shorts. One thing to expect is that head of your penis will deflate when you start thrusting activities and as a result will not have the warmth provided by the normal flow of blood. Not a big problem here.

Penile Implant Education Video
Ejaculation? Same as before the implant. Sensation and feeling? Same as before the implant.

I've read of an penile inflatable implant that pumps both longer and wider. The first penis with implant that I examined was very short. But it was almost the diameter of a soft drink can. The guy's wife was most satisfied.

One man told me that his URO at a VA hospital "promised" him that his penis would not lose length. It came out of surgery slightly longer. The guy exclaimed, "I love it! I love it! I love it!"

Would I do it any differently? The only "bad thing" about the penis implant prosthesis is that you can't go to the doc and order the newest model. I do not know whether Medicare still covers this procedure. Medicare and insurance paid almost all of the surgery and hospital expenses.

There are rod and inflatable implant support groups such as US TOO that help in decision making. There were fifty to sixty men and partners at the first penis implant presentation. There were two or three men and a highly regarded URO who made presentations. The show and examine appointments were made through the URO's office. Locate a urologest doctor near you.
Questions are welcomed.

More On Inflatable Pump And Rod Implants, Failure and Successful Experiences

Surgery recovery time guy Surgery recovery time - Reply by: Mark
What is the penis rod and inflATABLE implant surgery recovery time. How bad is the penis pain? Is there a way to place fat in the penis head so it would be better rounded? What is the percent of penile implant failure.

My doctor has a company represenative with him in surgery to determine proper length. My penis has scrunk so much will they be able to get the correct size. My current penis is like a turtle most of the time its head is inside. Will the penis implant correct this? i appreciate any information that you can help me with. I had used Viagra and a vacuum pump without good results. Do you know of a web sight that i can go to to view the penis surgery implant proceedure and recovery? Thanks Jed.
Sincerely, Mark welch

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Penile Implant Posted by: alan
i am age 65 i have been offerd a penile ROD implant in a few months the type he wants to do is the rods inserted into the penis so it stays erect and you have to bend it down can anyone who has had this done give me some advice about any problems with the Rod surgery as i am a little nervous about this and is there a lot of pain after the surgery
thank you alan

Looking For Someone Who's Had A Penile AMS700 Prosthesis Surgery Implant

I am looking for someone who's had a penile Prosthesis Surgery implant to share his experience. Planning to go for an implant myself.

AMS700 three-part inflatable prosthesis implant Reply by: earl king
had a ams700 three-part inflatable prosthesis consisting of a reservoir implanted in the abdomen, a pump placed in the scrotum and a pair of cylinders inserted into the corpora cavernosa, implant 3 weeks ago today, lots of pain/swelling.

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Reply by: earl king
Been 3 weeks 3 days swelling down, testicles still sore to touch and penis staying semi erect and has raw feel to touch. Afraid of having unwanted erection.

Sex is great! Reply by: Spartan
I am a young Guy (43) that had the AMS700 a year ago. Could not be happier with it. Only negative is I lost 1/4\'\' on length - but its as hard as a railroad spike if needed. Pain was tuff, not day one postOp - but day 3-4 were hard - but it went away quickly day 5-6. Back to work day 7 and all of my ED issues are a thing of the past. The only reason they do not know how long it will last is because the do not know how often you use it. My Dr. told me to use it often...what great advice. Sex is great - nuff said.

implant surgery Posted by:paul
am going to have implant surgery, is it just as good as before problems started?

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  • Looking For Someone Who's Had A Penile AMS700 Prosthesis Surgery Implant
    I am looking for someone who's had a penile Prosthesis Surgery implant to share his experience. Planning to go for an penus implant myself.
  • Are you planning to have a penile inflatable implant prosthesis surgery? Planning to go for an pump implant myself so, I can stay hard during intimate love making to my girlfriend.

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