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Injured my penis, now impotent guy Injured my penis, now impotent - Posted by Brian:
I take two blood pressure meds which make me impotent. So every once and a while I cut back on them so I can enjoy some excessive masterbation.

This time around I think I injured my penis as I am impotent and having pain at the base of my penis. I wentto my GP and he examined me and gave me an antibiotic for 10 days and swelling anti-inflammatory.

When I asked him when I would be able to get an erection again he said time will tell. Has anyone ever injured their penis from intense over masturbating and if so, how long did it take for the injury, base swelling and everything to get back to normal?

Injured penis guy Penile Injuries Reply by RTB:
It's hard to say how long it will take for your injured penis to be alright. Not all penile injuries to the base are the same. You have to take these things step by step. First, the doctor has to get the penis inflammation and pain down. Make sure you do a follow up with your doctor after you have finished your antibiotics.

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Rust color ejaculation fluid guy Rust color ejaculation fluid - Posted by Robert:
Ok, I gotta little problem. I've been doing over masterbating my guy down there for a good while now and here in the last 3 weeks somethen strange has been goin on. When ever I ejeculate it comes out like a rust color and a watery liquid, there is no jelly like supstance like in a normal ejeculation, and it occationally burns after I urnate. It's got me a little worried. What Should I Do about the pain and ejaculation problem?

Over Masturbation problemReply by: don
That rust color maybe blood in your ejaculation fluid. That is not good. And the burn pain maybe a penis infection in your urnary tract. See a Urologist as soon as possible for lab testing.

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Medical advice Posted by jayson
am 19years of age and have just developed like a boil or inflammation at the cone of my penis.this has caused some swelling.i masterbate more than i have sex and am thinking that might be the cause of it it does not hurt when am trying to urinate but the inflammation itself hurts and dont know what to do whether to seek medical advice or just wait till it goes away. am really afraid of seeking medical advice

Apply ice Reply by: MSH Click for Male Masturbation Facts
Stop masturbating. Apply ice and the inflammation may get better after a few days. You should use a skin lotion lubicate to masturbate. It's best to see a Urologist doctor for the inflammation and have him check to see how bad you have injured yourself from over masterbating.

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Excessive Trauma - Posted by Torin Johnson:
I to have a swollen penis from intense hard masturbation without lubricant. I put an icebag on it &it sort of healed. Am i okay?

Use skin lotion lubicate Reply by:slim
It's still best to see a urologist doctor to check for any signs of permanent damage. Use a skin lotion lubicate to masturbate next time.

Injured my penis guy Injured my penis - Posted by toby
currently i m 19 years of age and about 14 months ago i injured my penis. My penis flaccid size has shrunk with the head moving back so it looks REALLY tiny. I am circumsized by the way. It was really swollen during that time although no pain and this was because i did intense masterbating that one day where i injured penis. I was scared to death and this was when i was 18 or so and i hoped everything got back to normal but it didnt.

I then went to see a doctor and he tells me its peyronies disease since it got shortened and took Vitamin E. Eventualy however, he examined me again after i took the vitamins and said my penis was fine. My penis has shrunk and i do not see how it is fine. I know it shrinks when it is cold but for me now... its always shrunk hot or cold.

I then went to an advanced urologist and he streched my penis when it is in its shrunk form and said thers nothing wrong with it. He saw that the bottom left of my penis did have like a mark and i tell him that is the part it hurts when i touch it even now.

He tells me he can perform an anaestehic to check inside my penis to make sure. I should do this right? I am losing hope. Another medical doctor gave me risperdal and klonopin to so call "help me with my sympathetic nervous system" which does not work at all and i have spent thousands of dollars searching for an answer.

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When i urinate, i see like two lines of urine coming out. It makes like an x but it comes 2gether but u have to really look at it closely to see it. I know this has to be an infection and no doctors are taking it serious. My penis also does not point straight down when flaccid since its so small now. If i look at the mirror sideways, it shows a 45 degree view... Like a ladder leaning on a building if u may say instead of how a normal penis looks. Before this masturbation accident, my penis was perfectly normal.

Flaccid size normal everything normal. Even more strangely, my penis when flaccid shrunk of course, when i lay on my bed nude on my back, my penis is pointing towards the ceiling now when flaccid. This does not make any sense in that no urologists see this as a problem. Also, the first 3 months after i injured my penis masterbating .. i could not ejaculate or masterbate at all. i can masterbate now but it is hard. The noormal way is to use yoru hands and j off but i cant cuz its too small flaccid size since of the retraction? When masterbating I have to get my penis hard w/o using my hands and use my hands to ejaculate. This is another problem i have.

The doctor also tells me that this is called retraction of the penis but for me it is always retracted which is an ugly sight and embarrassing for me which i hope u get the picture of. I also heard of burying of the penis and some other terms.

I am not sure what my condition is called but i do think its retraction. If so, can i fix retraction by any means? I have been worried everyday since early last year and everything has gone down for me.

Ive seen at least 5 doctors already and they say its normal when it hurts and the size is just tiny and i told him its tiny now cuz my penis shrinks backwards so it looks like that. Also, i do have the morning rod anymore. Whenever i really have to go to bathroom, its still shrinking flaccid. Normally my penis is hard when it has to urinate but ever since the accident, it has never been the same. Any input in this forum would greatly assist me. P.S. i am goign to see another doctor in a couple of days and any solutions to my injuried masterbating problem here on this board would be greatly appreciated.

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Intense Masturbation Injury - Posted by brian
i masterbated for at least 45 mins and evertime i was about to let it lose i stopped and then after awhile i came then i took a pee right after and now my penis is swollen

Get the swelling down Reply by:larry
First thing you have to do is put some ice on your penis to get the swelling down. Whenever you masterbate over a extended length in time you are at risk of injury to your penis. In your case maybe You shouldn't masterbate more than 20min. Also, make sure you use some kind of oil-base lubicant with Vitiamin E and Aloe Vara.

It burns Posted by bobby
hi i am 16 and after i masterbate it feel like i have to pee really bad and it burns my insides really bad what is wrong

Urinalysis testing Reply by: larry
If it burns it is bad. It means you have a problem in your bladder or your urnary tract, You may have some kind of infection, trauma or injury see a urologist doctor for urinalysis testing.
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Excessive Masturbation Swells - Posted by bert
when i masterbate my penis swells around the head is that a disease?????

Bring the swelling down Reply by: george
I doubt it, you may have injuried your penis. Put some ice on your penis around the head to bring the swelling down. Try using some lubricate on your penis when masterbating.

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Have stop masterbating Posted by sindi
hi, iam 22 and my problem is that i have been masterbating since my childhood. now also i still masterbates. for a week now i have stop masterbating. i get a pain and find heavyness in my left genetial organ (testicle) what to do pls suggest.

Medical doctor Reply by: hank
It seems like you have what is called varicocele (is an abnormal enlargment of the veins in the scrotum draining the testicles) - usually affecting the left testicle. Have a medical doctor check it out. Let us know what the doctor says.

Vein feeling inflammation Posted by: Blank
I noticed a vein feeling inflammation at the bottom of my penis it feels like a vein but it's much bigger than a vein that is noticeable I got a cold and when I got the cold my pubes felt more irritated only on the left side the side that the vein feeling inflammation is I just noticed it and it raps 180 degrees of the penis it does have a little irritation but not umbearable 1-10 IDE say it is about a 5 on the pain scale no idea what it is please give me good news

Blood clot cause Reply by: Anon
Maybe a blood clot, causing the vein to swell. You need to have a doctor examine it for a correct diagnosis.

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