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Inflammation is a sign of infection, injury or irritation. When a part of the body is inflamed, it becomes tender, sore, red, and sometimes swollen. It may also itch. Just about any part of the body can become infected. The penis is no exception to the rule. However, many men may be too embarrassed to seek proper doctor care when this happens. In penile inflammation, either the head of the penis or the entire penis can be affected. If the penis is not circumcised, the condition can happen under the foreskin. This can make it difficult or impossible to pull the foreskin back. In an infection, pus or fluid may come from the opening at the tip of the penis or from underneath the foreskin. These symptoms can affect the functionality of your penis and cause great discomfort and pain. Although it may seem embarrassing, penile inflammation is a common occurrence, and your doctor can help. There are many different reasons for penile inflammation.

These include:

— gonorrhea sexually transmitted disease (STD).

— yeast infection, also called candidiasis (STD)

— Genital herpes (STD)

— “The Clap” chlamydia infection (STD)

— urinary tract infection

— allergic reaction

— masturbation injury

In most cases, the cause of the penis inflammation is an infection. Once the infection is diagnosed, it can be treated, usually with an antibiotic. Remember that trying to ignore an infection will just make it worse. It will not go away by itself.

Penis Infection News Article

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“The clap,” as it is known, is a bacterial infection STD that is … the bacteria multiply and may cause symptoms such as a yellowish vaginal or penile discharge and pain when urinating. As the disease gets worse, abdominal or pelvic pain may also occur. It may cause infections of the prostate or testicles.

Penile injury infection personal experience message board post:

  • I have penis injury pain and inflammation after over masterbating! – Brian(1) This time around I think I injured my penis as I am impotent and having pain at the base of my penis. I went to my GP and he examined me and gave me an antibiotic for 10 days and an anti-inflammatory.Yeast infection personal experience message board post:
  • Do men ever have any irritation or inflammation of any kind when their partner has a yeast infection? If so what kind? Are there any other diseases out there that copy-cat a yeast infection? And who really gives it to who?

Penile inflammation can also be due to irritation or allergic reactions caused by:

— tight clothing that rubs against the penis

— new, unwashed fabrics

— chemicals in laundry detergent

— the latex in condoms or the chemicals in spermicides

There are now condoms made from thin polyurethane that may cause no reaction. Be sure to check ingredients before purchasing spermicides or lubricants – a condom-compatible, non-allergenic lubricant to use is VigRX Oil, which offer the added benefit of enhancing pleasurable sensation.
Good hygiene and the use of condoms during sexual activity will prevent most cases. Bacterial infections are easily picked up during unprotected anal sex.

Do not let embarrassment prevent you from getting care. Remember that your healthcare provider treats infections and inflammations of all kinds on a daily basis. His or her job is to treat you, not to judge you.