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Pharmacy Review. UK Generic Viagra and Cialis Source Guide & Help Information

Pharmacy is a Global Network of Health Professionals with one common goal. To provide a convenient, globally accessible, affordable and safe means in which to acquire the latest in drug therapy for ailments that affect millions of people worldwide.

Where is Pharma Express Rx located and how does the service work?

Pharma Express Rx main headquarters are overseas in Great Britain, and they have affiliate pharmacy’s and physicians internationally on 4 continents. Upon submission of your generic Viagra (or other drug selection) order on thier secure & encrypted website, Pharma Express Rx is able to direct your order form to the proper UK staff physician for review. Upon approval, your generic prescription drug is then processed at the affiliate pharmacy closest to you, whether local or overseas. Your medication is then prepared by thier chemist and is dispatched quickly for discreet delivery and efficiently shipped. PharmaExpressRX will notify you by email as soon as your order is shipped. They have been established as a leader in health care on the Internet for over 4 years. They are proud to have pioneered most of the prescription drug technology that is now common with similar health care websites and continue to innovate new technologies and help services as they continue to grow. They offer international 24-hour telephone information customer service on three continents for the convenience of thier patients, and if thier staff members cannot help you, they will assist you in recommending alternative sources of care or referrals if you should so desire.

They offer a full refund policy, which means in case an order isn’t fulfilled they reimburse you all of what you have been charged. For this case the due amount will be charged back to the originating credit card bank account, alternatively you may ask for a re-shipment. The conditions for a refund depend on the shipment method you have chosen.


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